You Worry

Yes we understand that after your patients leaves the hospital you keep them on your mind and you still worry about them.

& Life Continue

And we also understand that most of the patients, needs to continue its life in their houses or in the streets, not being attached to a bed.

How Our Service Works:

A complete service which allows you to keep informed in real time about your patient health, when they leave the hospital, and for the patients a way to continue its life being monitored without being attached to a bed, with medical grade measurement included and everything secured.

Patient Readiness

AIDICARE Track kit configuration on patient

Patient Leaves

Patient leaves the hospital ready and monitored

In Home

Patient continue its life in home or in the streets

24x7 Monitored

AIDICARE Track & You keep an eye on them all the time


If something goes wrong we will alert you as its doctor

Take Action

You as Doctor, execute the diagnostic and take action with our support.

What's included in the service:

Powerful Analytics

Analyse trends on vital signs and also check the alerts received from the patient to determine faster the cause of the problems and have optimised diagnostic.

Doctor Device

Receive alerts, check the status on your patients everywhere every time, securely and everything on your powerful hands.

Patient Kit

Our monitoring service includes a patient device and wearable to track the patient all the time, bringing them the freedom to keep their life as use to be, and also inform you about their health.

Medical Grade Measures

Want to go deep on the monitoring, you can give the patient a complete kit full of medical grade devices to measure from the patient:

  • Oximetry
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Temperature

Plus all the vital signs you get from the all-day wearable included.

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